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Seattle Garage Door Openers

Seattle is one of the fastest-growing cities in North America. But you don’t have to tell the lucky technicians at Seattle Garage Door Openers – they’ve been straining to keep up with the demand. With expansion, Seattle has seen a booming real estate market, and every new house needs a new garage door.

Seattle Garage Door OpenersThat’s where we come in. We’re Seattle Garage Door Openers, a local company dedicated to keeping your garage door in perfect running order. Since 1996, Seattle Garage Door Openers has been working around the clock, installing and repairing garage door openers for our friends and neighbors throughout the greater Seattle area.

In fact, we’ve never met a garage door opener we didn’t like, or couldn’t repair. If you own a garage door opener, you already know how tricky they can be. Modern garage door openers, like Genie and Liftmaster, have so many safety features and computerized parts that they seem to have minds of their own. Sometimes they do.

But more often than not, the garage door opener will fool you. When it appears to you that the sensors are the problem, it turns out to be an opener motherboard issue. When you believe the coding system is out of whack, the malfunction can be traced back to an electrical short in the keypad post.

Call The Experts At Seattle Garage Door Openers Right Away

Please don’t wait for your garage door opener to repair itself (it won’t). Don’t wait until it gets worse and seizes up (it will). Call Seattle Garage Door Openers at the first sign of trouble.

It starts innocently…at first you have to press the button several times on the remote to get the door going. That’s when you should get in touch with the pros, but most people believe a sticky remote control or low battery are to blame.

One day you realize you have to keep your finger on the button the whole time the garage door lowers. No biggie. If you don’t get to the root of the problem at that point, your garage door opener will only get worse, eventually breaking down at the worst possible moment.

The seasoned technicians of seattle garage door openers know that garage door openers have their own agenda. Our repairmen are available anytime, day or night, and they carry everything you might need with them, including brand new openers and remotes.

If We Can’t Solve Your Openers Problems – No One Can!

Why take chances with your hard-earned money when it comes to garage door openers?

Seattle Same Day Garage Door Opener RepairGarage door openers, as mentioned, can be very tricky. Unfortunately, some garage door repair services can be tricky, too. If you don’t know much about your automatic opener, you should call Seattle Garage Door Openers first. We can walk you through the repair steps and explain everything over the phone. Our courteous customer service people always answer your call on the first ring, whether it’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon or 3 o’clock in the morning.

Over the years, garage door opener technology has changed, but our commitment to customer satisfaction has not. The joy we see on a customer’s face after we repair their garage door to mint condition – that hasn’t changed in decades.

There are many different ways a garage door opener can fail, but only one to handle them all. Seattle Garage Door Openers carries all the major brand of opener in all three types of drive assemblies - chain, belt and screw.

Honestly, don’t you want your garage door opener repaired honestly? Call Seattle Garage Door Openers for Seattle’s finest repairmen. Your garage door opener will appreciate it.

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