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Seattle Garage Doors

24 Hour Garage Door RepairYour garage door is a faithful friend that guards your home and cars, protects you and your family from the elements, and adds curb appeal to your property. The experts at Seattle Garage Doors think it’s time you showed your garage door and opener some love. After all, the garage door raises and lowers several times a day for years and years without much care or maintenance, for pennies a day.

Your garage door is actually one of the last great bargains in home ownership. It has artificial intelligence, safety sensors, and a computerized motherboard. Your garage door never complains, never goes on strike, and it will never leave you for a younger bungalow. But garage doors do go on the fritz, on the skids and on the decline. Fortunately, Seattle Garage Doors is right here to get your garage door on the mend, on the track – on the double!

Yes, we’re quick, because we’re the oldest garage door service in the Seattle-Tacoma area to offer 24-hour service. You may not think you’ll ever need Seattle Garage Door’s after-hours service, and hopefully you won’t, but garage doors can’t tell time. They break down at the most inconvenient times, usually when you’re already late for an important meeting.

Seattle Garage Doors Can Repair ANY Garage Door Problem

The best thing about Seattle Garage Doors is our longevity. We’ve been here nearly 25 years, and we don’t planning on quitting any time soon. That means we’ve repaired more garage doors, springs, brackets and openers than any other garage door repair service in the area. It also means that we can fix your garage door, no matter what the issue, because we’ve likely encountered and repaired that exact same problem on your neighbor’s garage door recently.

Don’t hesitate to call Seattle Garage Doors for ANY garage door concerns, big or small – anything from a malfunctioning remote control unit to a full-blown garage door lying on the driveway.

We’re As Close As Your Phone – And Open All Night Long

Seattle Garage DoorsYou may not think you’ll need a 24-hour garage door service, but Seattle Garage Doors knows better. If your garage door acts up (or down) at 7AM on Monday morning, the other garage door servicemen in town are still fast asleep. Seattle Garage Doors is always open and always “on call.” That means we are waiting for your call, anytime you call. We also come back FREE OF CHARGE anytime day or night if your garage door acts up again after we fix it. It’s guaranteed service, with a smile.

Perhaps you just need a spring replaced. We’re experts in spring replacement, and our technicians have every possible tension spring and torsion spring in stock and on hand. You never have to wait for parts or service with Seattle Garage Doors. In fact, you don’t even have to wait when you call us. We vow to answer your call on the first ring, and to dispatch help as soon as you call.

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